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Looks can be deceiving with a bag of Health Everyday Pets. Their Lamb & Kangaroo recipe may feature a glossy photo of Kangaroo steak, but their ingredients list tells a totally different story, with chicken & chickpea flour both beating out Kangaroo.

Without ingredient percentages (something Scratch has led the pack with) it’s impossible to tell exactly how much Kangaroo actually makes it into the mix – but it’s probably less than expected.

Their other recipes aren’t much better, made up of deliberately vague labels like ‘ocean fish’, ‘marine fish’ and ‘edible tallow’. Not ideal if your dog can stomach Salmon but breaks out in a rash after a bite of Tunafish. And what’s edible tallow mean, anyway?

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Damn good grub 😉

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Better for your dog

Tons of Aussie meat, whole veggies, healthy oils, and extra vitamins for a resilient gut, shiny coat and tough immune system.

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Meat from local, more sustainable sources

Scratch contains more meat than just about any kibble in Australia.

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Whole Aussie vegetables with max. nutrition

Most pet food ingredients are powdered from China. Scratch is up to 97% Australian whole ingredients.

Made fresher than store-bought food

Our direct to you model puts freshly-made food in your dog’s bowl – not bulk stuff made months ago.

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Avoid skin & gut problems later in life

High fibre to promote beneficial gut bacteria, and high quality low-allergen proteins.

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Healthy brain development

With plenty of DHA from Australian salmon oil.

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Skip the stores and get your dog’s food direct from Scratch. With warehouses around the country, your dog food ships free and fast, with complete flexibility.

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Take the guesswork out of feeding with their personalised feeding plan and dashboard as they grow.


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We’re sure they’re nice but those big dog food giants are so hands off! We know your pup from the start.

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Occasionally we meet a pup we can’t win over. You’re covered if your little mate is threatening a hunger strike.


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All Scratch recipes are 100% nutritionally complete for puppies and adult dogs. We’re in this for the long haul.

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“It’s the only food that the dogs did better on than raw”

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“Since starting Duke on Scratch he isn’t scratching so much & no more runny #2’s!!! Now onto the customer service. Hands down THE BEST, customer service around!”

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“We came across scratch and we haven’t looked back! Number 2’s are wonderful, no more itchy pooch and he absolutely adores the taste.

A clean bowl every meal.”

It's not just dogs that love it

From world champion surfer Mick Fanning investing in Scratch, to news spots around Australia, we're not alone in wanting better food for Aussie dogs.

Mick Fanning Dog

Surfing legend Mick Fanning has entered into the dog food business after investing in a trendy grain-free product that helped his pooch Harper.

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Channel 9 dog food industry

In a horribly deceptive and broken market, Scratch has launched its fresher, healthier and more ethical food for Australia’s 4.8 million dogs.

Sold online and delivered via a personalised subscription, Scratch takes out dog food’s large retail margins and puts it into the recipe, spending up to 50 per cent more on Australian ingredients (no artificial preservatives or dodgy meats).

Subscription usually sucks. Ours is built with total flexibility.

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Growing pup? Easily calculate their feeding as they develop. Mix-feeding? We'll help you adjust for that. Change of schedule? No worries. Bring your delivery forward, skip a box, get it delivered to your holiday destination on the moon. You're in control.

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