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  • Small Batch Treat Pack $65 Save $4

    Small Batch Treat Pack

    Light and mighty. 3 bags of oh so nice freeze-dried treats, and peanut butter treats that are just a little bit naughty.

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  • Treat Coma Pack

    Treat Coma Pack

    Six bags of treats. One lucky dog!

    $119 - Add to cart
  • Clean Dog Pack $43 Save $5

    Clean Dog Pack

    Keep your pup and the planet clean with long-lasting packs of Eco Dog Wipes and Poo Bags.

    $38 - Add to cart
  • Good Dog Treat Pack $72 Save $10

    Good Dog Treat Pack

    Treat them like a king with our best selling Lamb Crunch, Roo Jerky and Freeze-Dried Turkey treats.

    $62 - Add to cart
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