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Dog Weight Management

Dog Weight Management

Studies have shown that obese dogs are more likely to have health issues such as diabetes and arthritis, living up to 2yrs less, so its important to get on top of dog weight management.

Scratch helps your woofer get back to an ideal weight with:

  1. A personalised feeding guide for every single dog, based uniquely on their weight, activity level, current body shape
  2. Reminders with every order for our dogs ideal serving size.
  3. An accurate scoop to measure portions.
  4. Grain-free food.
  5. Longer-lasting protein
  6. Easy to digest ingredients.

Just like us, dog’s can have different metabolic rates so it is still up to you to keep an eye on your woofers condition and adjust the feeding amount up or down as required.

As you get on top of your dog weight management and they get closer to their ideal weight, you can log into your account and update the weight for Scratch to re-calculate their unique feeding suggestion.


We ask.

Like a good butt sniff, we get the lowdown on your dog. We then calculate a feeding program around how many calories they need to be their healthiest.


We make.

Using this data, we work out when they'll need a fresh box. No artificial preservatives, just fresher, grain-free goodness on subscription that you can control.

Dog Food Subscription

We send.

Better tell your chiro you won’t be back. We send Scratch direct to your door for free and timed to your dogs needs. Going on hols? You can pause it. Nearly out? You can speed it up. Pup not into it? We’ll give you your money back.

Turkey, Lamb & Beef

$69 per box



$79 per box

Large Breed Puppy Kibble
Both Recipes Share:
  • 97% Aussie ingredients
  • The same whole veggies
  • The same extra vitamins & good oils
  • Nutritionally complete
  • Tons of meat
  • For all life stages, from puppies through to silver foxes
  • Great for allergies & intolerances
Dog Food
Kibble size
30% Protein
Large breed puppy friendly!
Multiple animal proteins for diverse nutrients
Larger sized pieces to slow down fast eaters
Kibble size
28% Protein
Not for large breed puppies
Single animal protein - amazing for dogs with allergies or on elimination diets
Sustainably-sourced Kangaroo
More Kangaroo than any other dry food