Ceramic Dog Bowl with Dual Function - Scratch

Ceramic Dog Bowl

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Your dog will be bowled over when you present their Scratch in this luxe, ceramic dog bowl from Scratch x Gummi. Style, form and function merge in this unassuming bowl that houses as many food-filled memories as it does scoops of Scratch (up to 5 for the record per meal). It’s dual function makes it perfect for fresh kibble or for use as a water bowl. In fact, why not grab two!

Plus, if your dog’s food tends to travel across the room while they eat, you’ll love this non-slip silicone bowl base that keeps it squarely in place (and out of trouble).

Ceramic Dog Bowl

A bowl worthy of Scratch

These ceramic feeding bowls are the perfect vessel for the sophisticated pooch to dine upon.

Dog Bowl
Sturdy dog bowl Scratch With Container Non-slip
Scratch x Gummi

The Ceramic Dog Bowl is part of an exclusive collaboration with Gummi pets.

Material Non-slip, food-grade silicone plastic sleeve
High quality ceramic bowl
Country of Manufacture China
Washing Wash with warm water in between use
Fits 700ml capacity = 5x cups of Scratch food
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 5.5cm