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How Scratch Works
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Tell us about your dog

Give us the lowdown on your dog and we'll suggest which recipes are the best fit. We'll also calculate how many calories (and how much Scratch) they need to keep that beach bod in shape.

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Review their personalised plan

Got more dogs? Great! Add them too. Wanna mix and match? No problemo. We'll tailor a plan to suit you all. We give you plenty of flexibility so you can adjust what you need to. All set? Welcome to our pack! Now, it's over to us.

Scratch Box

Receive food as fresh as your dog is

Our recipes are full of sustainably-sourced lean meat, whole Aussie veggies, healthy oils and plenty of fibre. Ditch the 20kg back-breakers made months ago; Scratch is delivered in 2x 4kg sealable bags for ultimate freshness.

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Delivered on subscription

We'll let you know a week before your next box is about to ship in case you need to make any changes. But mostly you can just forget about it, sit back and wait for that sweet sweet kibble to rock up. (Keep old mate away from the postie).

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Scratch arrives so much fresher

Stores discount so often because most kibble is made for efficiency. We changed how dog food is done, focusing on quality first.

Subscription usually sucks. Ours is built with total flexibility.

Growing pup? Easily calculate their feeding as they develop. Mix-feeding? We'll help you adjust for that. Change of schedule? No worries. Bring your delivery forward, skip a box, get it delivered to your holiday destination on the moon. You're in control.

Subscription Dog Food

Treats, toys and extras, exclusive to Scratch subscribers

Once you're in your dog will get access to our small batch natural treats and exclusive drops with the best dog brands around the world.

Check out our kangaroo dog treats and lamb dog treats to see what they're missing out on.

Join our pack 🐶

A dog with a plan

We've asked our staff dogs to share their feeding guide so you can get a sense of what a typical plan might look like for your pup. These dogs are really the backbone of our company.



Breed: Rough Collie
Age: 3
Weight: 21kg
Calorie needs per day: 1080
Scratch recipe: Kangaroo
How much Scratch does she need: 292 grams per day
Each box lasts Hazel: 27 days
Average price per day: $3.22



Breed: Kelpie X
Age: 14
Weight: 23kg
Calorie needs per day: 1156
Scratch recipe: Turkey, Beef & Lamb
How much Scratch does he need: 319 grams per day
Each box lasts Chester: 25 days
Average price per day: $2.96


Stevie Nix

Breed: Terrier Mix
Age: 6
Weight: 5kg
Calorie needs per day: 318
Scratch recipe: Turkey, Beef & Lamb
How much Scratch does she need: 88 grams per day
Each box lasts Stevie: 90 days
Average price per day: $0.96


When you sign up, we’ll ask for each dogs weight, age and activity level and a few other little things.

That helps us estimate their calorie needs, how much Scratch dry dog food to feed them and how long a box would last. If you have multiple dogs, you’ll get a feeding guide unique to each of them, but they can eat the same box of food.

We’ll base the frequency of a fresh box arriving based off that feeding plan, but you have full control to pause, cancel, speed up or slow down your subscription as needed.

Sure is! All 3 Scratch recipes are 100% nutritionally complete for puppies and don’t require supplementation, including our food for large breed puppies.

Just like us hoomans, some dogs don’t like change.

It’s also important to remember that sometimes the old food that they may be used to may have had lots of salt or other additives that made it taste great, even if it was not healthy. Be persistent and try not to be trained by your fur baby, but sometimes they might just not be into it.

If you’ve transitioned to Scratch and you’re still unsure, we do offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your first box, no questions asked. See more about our returns policy.

We’ve made it super simple to pause, slow down or speed up your subscription with a click of a button so you’re only getting food whenever you need it.

We also remind you 7 days ahead of sending more fresh food for your dogs.

Sure can. At checkout, you can set your own frequency for receiving food, or adjust easily as you go. You have control down to the day, or can just pause and unpause whenever you want more food.

We calculate how much Scratch each dog should be fed per day based on each individual breed, age, weight and activity level.

You can feed them these separate amounts out of the same box, or we can send two boxes at once.

Sure will. We will let you know 7 days in advance of when your next fresh box is due to ship and when it will be charged.

Each email contains a quick link to choose a new order date that you’d prefer or a button for us to send it ASAP if you’re running low.

We currently use Australia Post, with no signature required. Your driver will leave the box in the safest place possible and leave a card if they think there’s nowhere out of sight.

We don’t want you to have to try to get to your local post office during business hours, and then have to lug home a heavy box of food, so let us know if you’d prefer us to leave a note with orders if you have a preferred place for packages.

We ship all over Australia, with exception to the Northern Territory.

Shipping is free for all Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Launceston & Gold Coast customers and subsidized down to a small fee for everyone else. Head to checkout and enter your address to see exactly how much it is to get to your door.

We’d love to avoid plastic all together, but if moisture was to get into the box it could create mould and be a horrible health risk for your dog. We’re looking at how we can invest in creating a non-plastic bag, but for now, all of our packaging is recyclable.

With RedCycle not currently operating, we suggest putting all of your empty Scratch bags in a box and either dropping them at a Terracycle pet food packaging location, or awaiting instructions as we work on something more permanent.

We have chosen not to sell in pet stores. We can get you a better food for the same price, speak to you about the needs of your dog and send fresher food based on your next order dates.

Sure do.

We are confident that your dog will love our kibble and that you’ll see the benefits over time. You can also cancel at any time without restriction, and we offer a money-back guarantee on your first box if you’re unsure after transitioning.

Grab a sample here.

Subscription lets us know when your dog will be ready for more food, so we know how much to make and can send them fresher food.

And for most people, it’s far more convenient – especially with control to adjust if their dogs aren’t eating Scratch as regularly as they once were.

Nope. You have full control to pause, cancel or feed Scratch as long as you like. The website is self-serve so you don’t need to jump through any hoops to adjust anything, but we’re always on live chat just in case you need a hand.

Scratch is made just north of Sydney, and we have warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Brisbane to get you food when you need it, quickly.

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