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Super-premium dry dog food, delivered to you on subscription.

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Dog Food Meat

Real ingredients.

We take the retail markup and invest it in healthier ingredients. One chomp of this high protein kibble and your dog’s old diet will feel like junk food.


Made fresher on subscription.

We use data to know when your dog will be due for a fresh box. No more bags of old dog food from 18 months ago. Just preservative free food made fresher for your little mate.

Free Delivery

Delivered to you.

We know when you need it and deliver it straight to your door – for free. Now you can spend your Sunday watching Netflix – not hangin’ in the pet food aisle. We think it’s Australia’s best dry dog food.

Less mark-ups.
More of the good stuff

Stores have to spend tons on marketing, rent, staff, etc., so they squeeze out dog food brands to make cheaper food that they can mark up by up to 45%.

We set out to design the single best dry dog food for puppies & senior dogs by cutting out all the middlemen and spending more on the ingredients that help your pup to thrive. We think it’s the ultimate dry dog food.

$69 per 7.5kg box with free delivery to Melbourne & Sydney.

Dog Food

Grain-free goodness

No filla, all killa. No cheap grains and corns that make your dog declare it’s turned paleo. Just all the premium meat and vegetables they could ever need in the one box.

Dog Food Meat

Lean, mean protein.

100% locally and ethically sourced meat from Australia. No dodgy bits. Just a cool 28% of protein to keep you puppy up and at it all day long, and your senior dog from putting on the pounds.


100% Transparent ingredients.

No sneaky names and hidden ingredients – just the real deal. When we say ‘kangaroo’ we mean ‘kangaroo’. That along with goodies like pumpkin, turmeric, and chickpeas, it sounds like your kind of shopping list.

Salmon Dog Food

Good oils.

Salmon, coconut, you name it. We mix through a stack of healthy oils high in DHA to give your puppy strong brain development & senior dog food for a shiny coat in those twilight years.


Extra vitamins.

A healthy dose of supplements to top off an already drool-worthy recipe.

Formulated with an animal nutritionist, Scratch is full of grain-free goodness for all life stages.


Only whole ingredients.

Not all avocado’s taste equal right? It’s the same with dog food. Kibble is usually just cheap powdered ingredients from China. Scratch uses 97% Australian whole ingredients with mimimal processing.


We ask.

Like a good butt sniff, we get the lowdown on your dog. We then calculate a feeding program around how many calories they need to be their healthiest - whether they're a puppy or senior dog.


We make.

Using this data, we work out when they'll need a fresh box of the healthiest dog food. No artificial preservatives, just fresher, grain-free goodness on subscription that you can control.

Dog Food Subscription

We send.

Better tell your chiro you won’t be back. We send Scratch direct to your door for free and timed to your dogs needs. Going on hols? You can pause it. Nearly out? You can speed it up. Pup not into it? We’ll give you your money back.

Quality whole ingredients & less processing
 has helped all sorts of pups with:

Shinier coats

Having the right mix of Omega 3 and 6 helps get that salon shine. We make and ship fresher food so nutrients don’t go stale sitting on the shelf for months.

More even energy

Avoid the carb coma after every meal with the perfect mix of protein, healthy fat and fibre to keep blood sugar levels even. They’ll always be ready to rumble.

No more runny poos

Fibre from whole vegetable ingredients helps to keep your pooch regular and can help naturally express anal glands. Expect well formed and easy to pick up poops that don’t stink from crap ingredients.

Losing that ‘dog smell’

If your pup is eating something that does not agree with them they can have bad breath, stinky ears and farts that clear the room. With immune and digestion working, it’s all roses!

Reducing inflammation

Avoid common allergens like grains or chicken, inflammation falls and benefit from vegetable fibre that ferments in the gut to boost the immune system. This benefits, joints, skin and digestion.

Easing up the old joints

The best medicine is getting a healthy weight as soon as possible and our feeding guides help with that. Next is making sure inflammation from any bad food ingredients is eliminated. Finally, Salmon Oil is packed full of Omega 3.

Product Reviews

In only 9 months, thousands of dogs have switched from store-bought food to direct from Scratch.

See what their parents had to say:

My Frenchie and Mini Dachshund both love Scratch! Transition from their old food was super easy (clean…) and they absolutely love the taste! Mike from Scratch has been super responsive and answered all my questions along the way, he was super helpful.

We’ve tried about 10 brands to manage my Frenchie’s sensitive stomach and nothing has been as good as Scratch! Couldn’t recommend Scratch more highly!

After 2 years of searching for the right fit of food for Loki, non-tasty, endless tests, runny toilet time, and an unhappy itchy dog.

Alas, We came across scratch and we haven’t looked back! Number 2’s are wonderful, no more itchy pooch and he absolutely adores the taste. A clean bowl every meal.

We love it and won’t be looking back,
Thank you Mike and Team for making Scratch the affordable healthy food our Loki Loves <3

At first I was hesitant to try Scratch as I knew very little about this new brand. I was sick of my dogs turning their nose up at their usual food so thought I would give Scratch a go….what did I have to lose!

My dogs loved it! And not just the first couple of feeds, they continued to love it feed after feed. Another plus is their number twos firmed up and are much easier to clean up!

I also like the convenience of having Scratch delivered and love the fact that the product is Aussie made and developed.

Give Scratch a go, you won’t regret it!


Scratch Founders

We started Scratch from a simple question – what would dog food look like if you cut out the store and all the extra margins along the way? What if you could trust what you bought, weren’t so confused about what was good and how your dog would go on it?

We raised some money to do it properly, making what we think is Australia’s best dry dog food, sell it at a fair price, tell you exactly what’s in it and how much, and give back a little to the planet it comes from.

But most importantly, we spend our lives on something that we truly believes makes dogs healthier. For some it’s as simple as fixing skin irritation or runny poos. For others it’s as big as getting back their energy and wiping a few years off their age!

Scratch is 100% Aussie made, 100% Aussie owned and with 97% Aussie ingredients. We’re only a click away if you’ve got any questions. Welcome to Scratch

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