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Dog food you’ll feel good about

Fresher. Real. Transparent. Australian.
Dry dog food, on subscription and delivered to you.

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Real ingredients.

We take the retail markup and invest it in healthier ingredients. One chomp of this high protein kibble and your dog’s old diet will feel like junk food.

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Made fresher on subscription.

We use data to know when your dog will be due for a fresh box. No more bags of old dog food from 18 months ago. Just preservative free food made fresher for your little mate.

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Delivered to you.

We know when you need it and deliver it straight to your door – for free. Now you can spend your Sunday watching Netflix – not hangin’ in the pet food aisle. We think it’s Australia’s best dry dog food.

So, what do you get?

Grain-free goodness to give your mate healthier skin, a shinier coat, a stronger immune system and extra energy. Everything that Australia’s best dog food should be.

What’s not in it?

Artificial preservatives, dodgy meat, or a massive bag with a border collie frolicking through a paddock.


Thank you so much – it’s a real winner”
– Olive’s hooman Lara

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Grain-free goodness.

No filla, all killa. No cheap grains and corns that make your dog declare it’s turned paleo. Just all the premium meat and vegetables they could ever need in the one box.

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Lean, mean protein.

100% locally and ethically sourced meat from Australia. No dodgy bits. Just a cool 28% of protein to keep them up and at it all day long.

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100% Transparent ingredients.

No sneaky names and hidden ingredients – just the real deal. When we say ‘kangaroo’ we mean ‘kangaroo’. That along with goodies like pumpkin, turmeric, and chickpeas, it sounds like your kind of shopping list.

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Good Oils.

Salmon, coconut, you name it. We mix through a stack of healthy oils high in DHA to give your pup strong brain development.

Extra vitamins.

A healthy dose of supplements to top off an already drool-worthy recipe.

Formulated with an animal nutritionist, Scratch is full of grain-free goodness for all life stages.

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We ask.

Like a good butt sniff, we get the lowdown on your dog. We then calculate a feeding program around how many calories they need to be their healthiest.

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We make.

Using this data, we work out when they'll need a fresh box. No artificial preservatives, just fresher, grain-free goodness on subscription that you can control.

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We send.

Better tell your chiro you won’t be back. We send Scratch direct to your door for free and timed to your dogs needs. Going on hols? You can pause it. Nearly out? You can speed it up. Pup not into it? We’ll give you your money back.

See why most dog food
is full of crap

We don’t send many emails, because, well dog food isn’t that interesting (lets be honest).

But, we will tell you how the pet food industry deliberately confuses us to spend more money on food that often isn’t any healthier.