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Shop our collection of fresh accessories. Practically designed gear for in the home, on the trail or at the dog park.

Dog Treat Pouch

Treat Pouch


The water-resistant, wearable solution to nailing your daily adventures.

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Dog Treat Container

Best Behaviour Container

$16. Buy three for $40 (save $8)

The new way to discreetly keep treats around the home. Airtight and stylish enough to keep around your kitchen, home office or lounge so treats are always at hand for quick rewarding (or bribery).

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Dog food container

Good Grub Tub


Our first ever kibble container — stylishly-designed to keep your dog's food as fresh as the day it was born.

Low in stock. Back soon

Fresh smell Made from bamboo
Dog Wipes

Eco Dog Wipes

$14 for an 80-Pack. Buy three for $39 (save $3)

Freshen up your pup without the drama of a bath. Pop some at the front door and in the car to let your dog run amok without trashing your nice stuff (or the planet).

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Poo Bag Size Poo Bag Compostable
Poo bags

Eco Poop Bags

$29 for 240 pack

Fifteen biodegradable & compostable poop bag rolls to scoop up those grade A Scratch nuggets! Bag responsibly.

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Scratch x Gummi

We’ve teamed up with the stylish folk at Gummi Pets to bring you a new range of eating accessories that combine form, function and a bit of fun.

From speed demons to lazy grazers to the messiest of mutts, we’ve got every type of eater covered with this limited edition new range, available exclusively to Scratch customers.

Silicone Feeding Mat

Silicone Feeding Mat


What shows your dog they’re really a part of the family more than their very own placemat? This mat is non-slip, BPA free and the ideal foundation for a delicious and nutritious mealtime.

Sold Out
Slow Feeding Bowl

Slow Feeding Bowl


Got a champion speed-eater on your hands? Slow ‘em down at dinner time with a scoffer-resistant slow feeder bowl. Their guts will thank you for it.

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Ceramic dog Bowl

Ceramic Dog Bowl

$25 $39

Style, form and function merge in this sophisticated bowl that houses as many food-filled memories as it does scoops of Scratch (up to 5 for the record per meal).

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Gummi Feeding Pack

Feeding Pack

$80 (SAVE $10)

With free frisbee

Give your bundle of fluff the ultimate feeding experience with our entire Gummi x Scratch accessories range – plus we’ll throw in a free frisbee.

* Good Grub Tub not included.

Sold Out

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