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Subscription dog food

Commercial pet food hasn’t changed much since its invention after World War II, but the way we buy things has.

The big pet food brands:

  • Don’t know who you or your dog are
  • Don’t know when the food they’re making will be bought by a store
  • Don’t know when the food they’re making will be put on the shelf
  • Don’t know when the food they’re making will be eaten
  • Are under massive cost pressures from stores who mark up the cost up to 50% to cover rent, marketing, profit, etc.
  • Are part of multi-billion dollar companies who’s job is to make the biggest profit for their shareholders.

But what if you improved the supply chain and cut out all the pieces that take a cut?

  • We can make fresher food, timed to when your dog needs it
  • You can spend Sunday morning in bed, not running to the pet store
  • You can get better value for money without us having to cover rent, staff and all that marketing
  • You can talk to the people that make what your dog is eating
  • You can be sent fresh food, more often without having to hang out for a discount on overpriced 20kg bags.

Why do you hate stores?

We definitely don’t hate stores. We have credit card bills like everyone else and Mike is eyeing off a new pair of sneakers as we speak. Stores are great for discovering something new and getting amazing service to help you find the right thing. But we feed our dogs a routine-based diet, so you shouldn’t have to pay up to 50% markup to buy the same thing each time.

There’s a big difference between ‘auto-renewal’ and a subscription-brand

Selling massive bags of dog food on auto-renewal doesn’t make the food any fresher. It just means that the big stores can buy more at once and make more profit. We control our own production and do all of our own customer service, so we know who your dog is, when they need a fresh box and can make you the freshest product possible. Less steps in the chain. More nutrients in the food!

How often does a fresh box arrive?

Every dog is different. When you sign up, we calculate how many calories your dog needs based on their breed, age, weight and current body shape. We then calculate how much Scratch they should eat, and how long each 8kg box should last.

For example,ย an adult border collie might get a fresh box every 23 days, but a chihuahua might be closer to 70 days. We’ll tell you at checkout how frequently we think your dog needs it.

I plan on mixing kibble with other food. Can I change the speed of fresh boxes arriving?

Of course. Whether you’re mixing kibble with raw, wet food or your leftovers, you can slow down, speed up or have a new box sent right away through your own account area. If you go on holiday you can pause it or if you’re unsure, you can always cancel.

Are there any contracts?

Nope, it’s in your complete control.

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