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Our paw partners

Paws for the Planet
Sometimes you need to help humans in order to help dogs.

As part of our Paws for the Planet Project, we’re proud to provide ongoing support to a number of grassroots charities that champion dog welfare by helping humans who are in need. With a focus on early prevention of future welfare issues, we’re on a mission to reduce the likelihood of dogs ending up as rescues.

We believe these are crucially underfunded areas that can have a high impact in preventing dogs from ending up at shelters. Plus, these initiatives also help extend the length and quality of life of both dogs and the humans who love them.

Pets of the Homeless logo

POTH provides food, veterinary care and other support to the pets of people facing or experiencing homelessness. With a belief in keeping pets and humans together through difficult times, they provide judgement-free support for people in vulnerable situations to stay united with the companion that provides company, protection and unconditional love. Their mission also reduces the number of healthy pets that are surrendered to shelters and euthanized due to financial hardship.

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Pets in the Park is a National Charity focused on the veterinary health and welfare of the dogs of people experiencing homelessness. Pet ownership greatly enriches the quality of life for people sleeping rough. But it also comes with a lot of expenses that can be difficult to meet. As a result, owners may be forced to surrender their pets or sacrifice their own welfare needs to care for them. This is where Pets in the Park comes in. They provide much-needed support and free access to preventative health care programs for people who need it most.

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AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities) is a national not-for-profit that works with remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to improve the health of their companion animals. AMRRIC’s work involves facilitating improved community access to culturally relevant services, information and educational resources for pets and their owners. In doing so, they are helping to create healthier, safer and happier communities for people and their woofers.

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Safe Pets Safe Families

The Paws & Pals Program removes barriers for the homeless and their pets by running outreach support services to pet owners sleeping rough, as well as pop up vet clinics where their pets can receive essential health care. Safe Pets Safe Families are also currently running a pet food bank initiative called the Fill Their Bowl campaign, taking pet food donations from members of the public to provide food supplies to the pets of those struggling financially.

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National Desexing Network

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world however around 23 cats and dogs still die every hour of every day in pounds and shelters nationwide. Due to the ongoing problem of pet overpopulation, these healthy, loving animals are being euthanized because there aren’t enough homes available. The National Desexing Network (NDN) is a nationwide referral system for discounted desexing for pet owners in financial need. We believe that in supporting the NDN we are helping to take preventative action to ensure fewer dogs are ending up abandoned in the future.

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Showing our receipts

In May 2021, we launched our Paws for the Planet Project where we donate 1% of all revenue to dog welfare initiatives. Prior to that, we donated stock to a number of organisations in need. Here’s what we’ve donated so far:


December 2023 – $10,000 to AMRRIC

November 2023 – $10,000 to SafePetSafeFamilies

October 2023 – $23,000 in stock to Pets Of The Homeless for an urgent supply of food

September 2023 – $10,000 to AMRRIC

August 2023 – $10,000 to Pets in the Park

July 2023 – $2,166 of stock to AMRRIC

July 2023 – $9,625 of stock to Pets of the Homeless

June 2023 – $5,000 to AMRRIC

June 2023 – $12,000 to Pets of the Homeless

June 2023 – $4,500 to National Desexing Network

June 2023 – $2,500 to Pound Patrol

May 2023 – $7,250 to National Desexing Network

April 2023 – $7,000 to Safe Pets Safe Families

March 2023 – $9,000 to AMRRIC

February 2023 – $8,000 to Pets in the Park

January 2023 – $8,000 to Pets Of The Homeless

December 2022 – $8,000 to National Desexing Network

November 2022 – $7,500 to Safe Pets Safe Families

October 2022 – $7500 to AMRRIC

September 2022 – $7,500 to Pets in the Park

August 2022 – $7,500 to Pets Of the Homeless

July 2022 – $7,500 to National Desexing Network

June 2022 – $8,350 to Safe Pet Safe Families

May 2022 – $6,000 to AMRRIC

May 2022 – $6,000 to Pets in the Park

April 2022 – $6,000 to Pets of the Homeless

March 2022 – $5,500 to the National Desexing Network, $4,126 in stock to flood-affected areas

February 2022 – $6,500 to Safe Pets Safe Families

January 2022 – $6,000 to AMRRIC

December 2021 – $6,000 to Pets in the Park

November 2021 – $7,000 to Pets of the Homeless

October 2021 – $5,500 to the National Desexing Network

October 2021 – $5,500 to Safe Pets Safe Families

July 2021 – $5,000 to AMRRIC

July 2021 – $3,626 in stock to Lost Dogs Home Melbourne & Pause a Moment & Rescue

June 2021 – $6,000 to Pets in the Park

June 2021 – $7,918 in stock to Best Friends Animal Rescue, WA Pet Project & SafePetsSafeFamilies

May 2021 – $4,400 to Pets of the Homeless

March 2021 – $1,758 in stock to Dogs4Jobs

November 2020 – $1,035 in stock to Pause a Moment & Rescue

October 2020 – $1,450 in stock to Pets Of The Homeless

June 2020 – $1700 in stock donated

TOTAL: $283,078 in stock and donations