Dear big dog food: it’s time to cut the crap.

Dog food has a big secret.

Giant in fact. In Australia, it’s a $2.6b industry full of globo-dog-food brands trying to look small and oh-so-local. Advance? Owned by Mars. Eukanuba. Mars. Royal Canin. Yup, Mars. Hills’ Science Diet. Colgate Palmolive. Supercoat? Nestlé. Even your true blue Aussie ones like Billy + Margot and Ivory Coat are owned by Chinese private equity consortium Hosen Capital. Chuck a dog running through a field on it and a sexy vet and you’ve got yourself a money-making dog food.

Ok, ok, so dog food is big business. Does it really matter? Well, the bigger secret is the standard of ingredients going into those big bulk bags lining pet store shelves. Most of it is either ‘pet food meat’ (aka. whatever’s cheapest at that moment) or heavily processed grains. And if they’re lucky, some cheap, chemically-grown veggies.

None of this is doing old mate any good. We’ve met so many dogs prone to skin and tummy issues and ridiculously high rates of cancer. Not to mention 5-year-old good boys moving like they’re 12. Over 30,000 of them have switched to Scratch. Because dog food can be better – if you cut out the business.

We’re not trying to be the biggest –- far from it.

After all, we’d rather take a hit to our profits than your dog's health. And, as we’re Australia’s only B-Corp dog food. it’s our mission to treat the planet, our people and your dogs on equal footing.

Scratch Founders

1. We only use meat from the human food supply chain and whole ingredients without all the processing

With sustainably-sourced Aussie protein, less starch and under half the processing, one chomp of Scratch and your dog's old kibble will feel like junk.

Happy dog

2. With our superior ingredients, Scratch is wayyyy less carby than most kibble

Carbs are good for dogs in small quantities, but many dry foods contain up to 60% of them! They can really run amock on all sorts of things from blood sugar levels to inflammation. Not on Scratch.

Box at door

3. Your dogs get their own personalised feeding plans, & fresher food delivered free*

We’re built for good old fashioned customer service, easy flexibility and fast delivery. With warehouses around the country, we ship to most doggy doors free and quickly.

3 damn good recipes,
all 100% nutritionally complete for puppies & adult dogs

We love simplicity. A quiet walk and stick throw. Small product ranges.

Your dog has 3 delicious recipes to choose from - all with whole Aussie produce, tonnes of meat protein from the same supply chain as our own and our mix of 4 healthy oils that’ll help your dog’s coat to look red carpet ready.

Turkey, Beef & Lamb

Our most popular option for dogs of all ages - even large breed pups.

$79 PER 8kg

Sensitive Kangaroo

For any woofer that can't seem to shake tummy, skin or joint issues.

$90 PER 8kg

Pasture-raised Lamb

Delicious new recipe with plenty of hypoallergenic lamb and some nutritious ancient whole-grains.

$87 PER 8kg
Dog - Ziggy

“It’s the only food that the dogs did better on than raw”

Dog - Alyssa, Duke's Mum

“Since starting Duke on Scratch he isn’t scratching so much & no more runny #2’s!!! Now onto the customer service. Hands down THE BEST, customer service around!”

Dog - Amanda, Loki's Mum

“We came across scratch and we haven’t looked back! Number 2’s are wonderful, no more itchy pooch and he absolutely adores the taste.

A clean bowl every meal.”

Build your dog's personalised feeding plan and see the change in their health.

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