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Dog treat pouch

Treat Pouch


Meet the Treat Pouch: stylish, dog-owner-designed and made to withstand the real life demands of training.

Holster up and head out with this water-resistant, durable gem. Built for all walks of dog life – like training on the go, treating at the pub or slippery sessions in the rain. Just snap it onto your pocket, leash or belt-loop with the sturdy brass carabiner and start your adventure.

Your snap-on behaviour saviour

For rescue mutts and freshly-baked pups having treats on hand is essential to success. With the Treat Pouch you’ve got positive reinforcement locked and loaded – whether you’re out to teach an old dog new tricks or tricks to a new dog.

Clip on a Treat Pouch and into the world of a well behaved mate. ‘Coz your dog will figure out quick that once the Pouch goes on, the treats come out and the adventure kicks off.

The trainer’s best mate

Treat pouch features

👜 Fashionable, not frumpy
💦 Water-resistant and odour-resistant
🧼 Easy to wipe clean
🔗 Clip onto any outfit or leash with a convenient brass carabiner
💙 Cleverly designed with our mates at Gummi

Scratch x Gummi

The Treat Pouch is part of an exclusive collaboration with Gummi pets.

Inner Water-resistant PEVA fabric
Outer Cotton, with a water-resistant coating. A slider and a brass clip attachment.
Care Keep fresh by wiping the inner & outer fabric with a damp cloth.
Made in China

Treat Pouch


Dog Treat Pouch

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Dynamic Duo

$62.00 $55.00

Duo bundle

All-natural Peanut Butter Training Treats and our Treat Pouch

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Treating Trio

$78.00 $65.00

Trio bundle

PB Training Treats, our Treat Pouch and Best Behaviour Container

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Common questions

Have we missed anything? Jump on live chat and ask us about your dog

Treat Pouches are made for training sessions, not for permanent treat storage. We recommend emptying your Pouch at night (preferably somewhere airtight, like the Best Behaviour Container).

Best not to. Clean by wiping inside & out with a damp cloth.

About 230g worth. Or, about half a bag of Training Treats.

We’ll include your Treat Pouch with your next order, with no shipping cost. Unfortunately it can’t be purchased separately.