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Dog food for German Shepherds

With a high drive, large (and fast-growing) bones and a higher-chance of hip and joint issues than other breeds, the ideal German Shepherd dog food is high in quality meat protein, well balanced and low in inflammation markers.

We designed Scratch for great German Shepherds like Vinnie here.

German Shepherd

What should you pay attention to when picking food for your German shepherd?

  1. Whether their dog food is well balanced – It’s hard to say as Scratch is the only dog food in Australia to disclose how much we use of every ingredient, but most big dog food brands fill their food with too much fillers that create bacterial overgrowths over time. Unbalanced diets create long-term health problems so our nutritionists made sure that Scratch is suitably balanced across your German Shepherd’s entire nutritional requirements.
  2. Is it full of chicken, beef or poultry? – Most large breed dog food is full of chicken or beef. They’re the cheapest meat to source, but typically the lowest quality (often with more bone and carcass than meat and organs) and the culprit for a lot of skin and stomach issues.
  3. If they’re a puppy, whether it has suitable calcium:phosphorus ratio’s – Gotta look after those fast-growing bones and make sure that they don’t grow even quicker
  4. Do the ingredients contribute to inflammation? – A lot of foods (not just grains) contribute to inflammation. This effects joints and overall mobility, as well as skin and coat. Controlling inflammation is vital in older dogs.

Bags of Scratch dog food

German Shepherd nutritional needs

Like most breeds, German Shepherds have genetic traits (not guarantees, but higher likelihood) and lifestyle-related health issues to consider, and hopefully avoid. Common health issues amongst German Shepherds include Hip & Elbow Dysplasia (leading to arthritis), Degenerative Myelopathy and Atopic skin disease.

Good breading and genetic testing can reduce a lot of risk, with diet and lifestyle also helping to avoid or reduce the effect.

Scratch is the best dog food for German Shepherds, reducing health risks through:

  1. Appropriate levels of calcium and a suitable range of calcium to phosphorus – all of our recipes are suitable for adult German Shepherds, while puppies should go for our Turkey, Lamb & Beef recipe.
  2. High-protein from quality meat sources. All Scratch meat protein comes from specific source, human-grade meat
  3. Ingredients with low inflammation markers to look after those joints. You won’t find wheat, corn or white rice and these overabundant fillers in any of our recipes
  4. Limiting fat. While a great energy source, German Shepherd’s are prone to kidney issues if their diet contains too much fat.

German Shepherd puppy food

With fast growing bones and growth hormones in overdrive, German Shepherd puppies require a different diet than smaller puppies. Their food needs to contain:

  • A calcium:phosphorous ratio in a range suitable for large breeds.
  • DHA for brain development
  • Enough salt and electrolytes
  • Tons of protein (at least 22.5%)

A high-quality protein provides the essential building blocks for muscles and organs. But not all protein is created equal. Dogs do better with plenty of high-quality animal protein.

Our Turkey, Lamb & Beef recipe is 100% nutritionally complete German Shepherd puppy food.

How much should a German Shepherd eat a day?

A German Shepherds feeding amount depends on their age, weight, activity level and often ignored – what food they’re eating. Different foods give off different amounts of energy. Scratch for instance has more energy in a piece of kibble than most other dry dog foods, so dogs would eat less Scratch than other foods and a bag would last longer.

Look for the amount of Kcal per 100 grams. The higher the number, the more energy the food contains. The lower, the less it contains and the more they would need to eat. To find out how much Scratch your German Shepherd should eat a day, take our personalised quiz. If you have a puppy, their feeding guide will update as they grow.

Comparing German Shepherd dog food

Dog Food
Priceper kg


Single animal protein


No added grainsi
Transparent labeling


Shows main ingredient %
Australian owned
Suitable for German Shepherd puppies

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Grain Free Kangaroo 8kg See recipe
  • 84% Australian produce
  • Supplemented with Glucosamine & Collagen for joint support

Scratch Logo
Turkey, Lamb & Beef 8kg See recipe
  • Tons of whole ingredients
  • 97% Australian produce

Advance Shepherds Adult
Turkey With Rice 13kg

Eukanuba Adult Large Breed 15kg

Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy 12kg

Scratch is the perfect food for German Shepherd’s

Dry dog food, made fresher with sustainable produce and delivered free.

Smaller Scratch Box

Dog Food Meat

Full of protein from the human food supply chain

100% locally and sustainably sourced from Australia. No dodgy bits. Just tons of protein to keep you pup up and at it all day long, and your senior dog from putting on the pounds.

Asset 8

Lean, green and great for joints

No sneaky names and hidden ingredients โ€“ just the real deal. When we say โ€˜turkeyโ€™ we mean turkey. And did we mentioned that it’s all sustainably sourced? With goodies like pumpkin, turmeric, and chickpeas, it sounds like your kind of shopping list.

Asset 5

Your dog’s own personalised feeding guide to prevent overfeeding

Carrying extra weight takes 1-2 years off a the life expectancy of such a big dog. Take the guesswork out of feeding with their personalised feeding plan and dashboard as they grow.

Made fresher than store-bought food

Our direct to you model puts freshly-made dry dog food in your pups bowl โ€“ not bulk stuff made months ago.

Hand holding a bag of puppy food for large breeds

Our Turkey, Lamb & Beef recipe is perfect for large breed puppies

Tons of delicious Turkey
Salmon & Coconut oil for stunning coats
Whole Aussie veggies & legumes
1.31:1 calcium:phosphorous ratio – perfect for large breed puppies.

Try Scratch for your pup

Large Breed French Bordeaux

324 German Shepherd’s near you are growing up strong on Scratch

“I wasn’t convinced my very fussy German Shepherd would even try it as she won’t eat dried food at all but I was over the moon when she not only tried it, but ate the whole bowl without any encouragement”

Australian Dogs

โ€œItโ€™s the only food that the dogs did better on than rawโ€

Black German Shepherd

“After surviving bloat we have had to be so careful with Lucy’s food but we could not be happier her coat is amazing her weight is good she has never looked if felt better.”

4.9/5 Average Rating from
over 40,000 Aussie dogs

Most German Shepherds love our Turkey, Lamb & Beef recipe

But older German Shepherd’s benefit from the joint supplements included in our kangaroo recipe.

Turkey, Beef & Lamb

From $83 PER 8kg

Our most popular option for dogs of all ages - even large breed pups.

Sensitive Kangaroo

From $94 PER 8kg

For any woofer that can't seem to shake tummy, skin or joint issues.

Pasture-raised Lamb

From $92 PER 8kg

Clean, mean recipe full of hypoallergenic lamb and some nutritious ancient whole-grains. Great for very active dogs.

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