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Large breed dog food

Feast on our Turkey, Lamb & Beef recipe – one of Australia’s only large-breed recipes that doesn’t include chicken.

It’s full of high-protein, low-carb goodness.

4.9/5 Average Rating from
over 40,000 Aussie dogs

If little mate isn’t actually that little (larger than 32kg as an adult), they’ll need a large breed dog food with the right calcium:phosphorous ratio to support them.

A healthy dog food for large dogs like Scratch’s grain-free Turkey, Lamb & Beef recipe will make sure that those already fast-growing bones don’t grow too fast and cause joint problems later in life.

Thousands of Labradors, Bernese Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and various breeds have grown up on Scratch – Australia’s highest rated premium dog food.

What to look for in large breed dog food

Many large breeds are prone to joint problems that can come up from an early age. Others are prone to genetic illnesses that can be delayed and prevented with a balanced diet and suitable dog food for large dogs.

Sadly, most kibble isn’t very balanced and creates bacterial overgrowths and all sorts of things that put extra load on certain organs. The best food for large breed dogs should be full of anti-inflammatory ingredients to make movement easy, should be low starch and low carb to prevent weight gain and be at least 28% protein to keep them energised evenly throughout the day.

That’s why our Turkey, Lamb & Beef large breed dog food has helped so many big dogs grow old, wonderfully. It’s even suitable as a large breed puppy food so you can feed them Scratch from pup through to wise old fella.

Large breed dog eating food

Do large breed dogs have different nutritional needs?

Yes, but especially while puppies. Large breed puppies have a lot of growing to do, with their natural growth hormones in overdrive.

It’s important to make sure that their food has a calcium:phosphorous ratio in a range suitable for large breeds.

Our Turkey dog food is suitable for all puppies, including large breeds.

As they move from pup to adult, food and diet plays more of a preventative role to help them thrive and live a long, healthy life. This is true of any dog, but especially for large breed dogs that typically have lower average lifespans.

It’s big talk from us, so see what our customers think of Scratch

Awesome food and stinky delicious treats.

I found Scratch on Facebook. I get so many ads that usually I scroll past but this was different. The product actually works.

She has been transitioning over from Science Diet and sorry to be gross but her poops are smaller and not runny. Y’all know your stuff! Did I mention they deliver? It’s Dogliveroo to your house!

She’s happy, I’m happy. Nice work, Scratch!

We ALL love it!!

My 11 y.o Bella loves/is obsessed with food so transitioning was no trouble at all – she wolfed it down as usual 😂

The best thing for me is that her poos are now a ‘consistent’ and healthy texture that do not stink at all! 🙏�😊�🐶

Best dog food ever!

After changing Lola to scratch dog food she is much happier.

Not as much scratching, no more red skin and she seems satisfied after her meal. No more leaving her food. She loves it.
Thank you so very much.

Non food focused Vizsla now drooling

We moved our Vizsla, Hugo, to scratch dog food because we found he was a little under weight and constantly getting ear infections and itching.

He is starting to gain a little healthy weight and TMI but his poo seems even healthier.

4.9/5 Average Rating from
over 40,000 Aussie dogs

Dream big. Eat Scratch.

Full control over if, when or what food you want
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Common questions about large breed dog food & Scratch

Large breed dog food is only 100% necessary when they’re puppies and those big bones are still growing. For some large breeds, that can be up to 18 months.

Once an adult, large breed dogs can have any nutritionally complete dog food like Scratch, but will benefit most from low-carb, low-starch and high protein foods. Our Turkey, Lamb & Beef recipe is just that and suitable for large breed puppies through to adults.

A large breed for dog food is any dog who is already over or expected to grow to over 30kg as an adult in good shape. See dog food for german shepherds for example.

Absolutely. Like us humans, when we eat crap we feel like crap and we don’t move as much. Dogs are no different.

Eating a healthy large breed dog food is especially important because many have a shorter average life span. Some of that is to genetic risk, some to the extra work their bodies have to do to lug that weight and some to the lack of movement in many large breed dogs lives.

The best food for large breed dogs (like our Turkey, Lamb & Beef recipe) will provide joint support, not create blood sugar spikes, give them more even energy and ensure that their organs are working in balance without putting any one under unnecessary stress (something that happens often with food that creates gastrointestinal problems).

Our low-carb and high-protein dog food also acts as a great weight control dog food.

Large breed dog food differs mainly in controlling the amount of calcium compared to a standard dog food. This prevents those big bones from growing even quicker.

As growing puppies, a dog food for large dogs is essential due to calcium:phosphorous ratios.

You should only feed a large breed puppy adult dog food if the food has an appropriate calcium:phosphorous ratio for large breed puppies.

The calcium:phohphorus ratios in your puppies diet should be between 1:1 and 1.3 and your dog food company will be able to tell you what that is exactly.