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Let’s fix those guts!

If it’s not good for you to pick up, it’s definitely not good for them. Around 70% of the immune system is in the gut, but most dog food isn’t made with that in mind.

Scratch has helped thousands of Aussie dogs fix skin, energy, diarrhoea, constipation and allergy issues with our gut-focused dog food and holistic approach to ingredients.

Dog Gut Health

Recipes by 3 of Australia’s biggest dog nutrition experts

Good dog food isn’t as simple as grain-free or not. A healthy dog starts with a healthy gut balance. Around 80% healthy bacteria infact. These bacteria produce the enzymes to break down food & absorb all of it’s nutrients.

Our co-founder Doug has been at the forefront of dog food ingredients. Together with 2 animal nutritionists, he designed our Scratch recipes to provide immediate relief, and prevent chronic health problems later in life.


High in fibre

Gotta keep those pipe flowing, hey? Broad beans and chick peas are naturally rich in fibre to promote good digestive health and boost the immune system. Say goodbye to upset tummies and hello to perfectly firm number 2s with our high fibre dog food.

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Completely balanced

Many ingredients are good for dogs, but too much can cause imbalances that over time put the gut out of whack. We sweat the details and constantly improve our food for optimal balance.


Low inflammation

Many of our furry compadres are running around with inflamed intestines and gut walls. Our recipes are formulated with healthy oils and ingredients with low inflammation markers to relieve strain on their tummies.

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Repopulating the gut flora

We include natural prebiotics like chicory root and beet pulp to further boost healthy bacteria in the gut. This helps good bacteria multiply and restores balance to their digestive tract.

Three nutritionally-complete recipes for a healthy tummy

Dog food bag: Turkey, Beef & Lamb

Turkey, Beef & Lamb

Our most popular option for dogs of all ages - even large breed pups.

From $83
Dog food bag: Kangaroo

Sensitive Kangaroo

For any woofer that can't seem to shake tummy, skin or joint issues.

From $94
With Grains
Dog food bag: Lamb

Pasture-raised Lamb

Clean, mean recipe full of hypoallergenic lamb and some nutritious ancient whole-grains. Great for very active dogs.

From $92
Chihuahua sitting on top of a Scratch dog food box
  1. PLENTY of lean, high-quality protein from the best possible Australian meat
  2. ENERGY from animal fats, not carbs.
  3. NO preservatives and no added colours or flavours
  4. NO processed soy, corn, cellulose, wheat and low starches
  5. WHOLE ingredients as much as possible
  6. NOTHING grouped, disguised or hidden
  7. PLENTY of healthy oils with a variety of Omega-3 sources
  8. EVERYTHING your woofer needs not just to sustain them, but to help them thrive
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