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Scratch is one of the only high protein dog foods in Australia that sources 100% of our meat from the human consumption meat – not the dodgy pet industry stuff.

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Is high protein dog food good for dogs? Short answer, yes.

Dogs can get their energy and nutritional needs from 3 nutrients – protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Protein doesn’t actually supply that much energy but what it does supply is very long-lasting compared to carbohydrates. Proteins are crucial in creating and looking after cartilage, tendons, and ligaments – particularly as dogs age. Protein also benefits muscle, skin, coat, nails, and blood health.

The key to a healthy, high protein dog food is its balance of these 3 nutrients and how bio-available they are for the body to actually utilise.

Too much of one thing and the body can get out of whack, overcompensating and creating gut bacteria overgrowths that lead to itchy skin, consistently bad dog gut health and all sorts of nasty things that can send you to the vet.

Our 3 high-protein kibble for dogs are high in protein and include as much locally-sourced animal protein (from single species meat, organ & bone) as possible before we hit max calcium levels. Some recipes are topped up with a little plant-based protein which is less bio-available than animal meat but still packs a punch and improves the balance of our nutrients.

Medium-high protein dog foods:

High-protein dog foods:

Turkey, Beef & Lamb

From $83 PER 8kg

Our most popular option for dogs of all ages - even large breed pups.

Sensitive Kangaroo

From $94 PER 8kg

For any woofer that can't seem to shake tummy, skin or joint issues.

Pasture-raised Lamb

From $92 PER 8kg

Clean, mean recipe full of hypoallergenic lamb and some nutritious ancient whole-grains. Great for very active dogs.

How much protein does your dog need?

You know how when you do a work out (ha) and smash a protein shake straight after? Too little and you’re not getting much out of it. Too much and you feel pretty awful and sneak around the side of your car to throw up.

Dogs are the same – just without the shaker, selfies and athleisure.

AAFCO (the American body that much of the world follows for dog nutritional standards) suggest a minimum of 18% protein for adult dogs, and 22% for puppies. We believe that most dogs will thrive off a diet of 24-30% protein from highly bio-available sources (a.k.a. top quality animal protein).

All Scratch recipes also contain significantly more protein than the minimums required by AAFCO and do not require any extra feeding or supplementation.

Our personalised feeding plan will suggest the most appropriate food for your dog and give you feeding instructions as they grow.

Should you feed your dog a high protein diet?

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Puppies need plenty of protein to aid growth

One of the main difference between puppy food and ‘adult dog food’ is protein amounts. Puppies require more protein to help their fast-growing bodies.


Adult dogs benefit just as much

While puppies NEED lots of protein to grow, adult dogs benefit from it but don’t need quite as much to survive. That’s why Scratch recipes are designed to be suitable from pup through to adult so all dogs get the best nutrition possible – not just the bare minumum.


Even senior dogs

Most senior dog foods skimp out on protein and are full of starchy, high-carbohydrate ingredients that do the joints no favours and turn to sugars and fats very easily. Many senior dogs (particularly ones with healthy kidneys as we’ll touch on later) will benefit from more protein to keep joints, cartilage and muscles strong.

You’d be amazed at how much more active senior dogs can be when fuelled properly.

What are the benefits of high protein dog food?

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More even lasting energy

With less carbs than most dog foods, Scratch releases longer-lasting energy from locally-sourced Aussie proteins and fats.

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Strong cartilage, tendons and ligaments

Our high protein dog food helps to protect the joints and their parts. Our kangaroo recipe even includes added supplements to keep your dog active and just the right amount of crazy.

Dog Food Meat

Healthy muscle, skin, hair and nails

You can really see the difference with a dog eating plenty of high-quality animal protein.

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What should I look for when shopping for high protein dog food?

Protein quality matters

The best high protein dog foods have a specific animal protein as the first ingredient – for example ‘Turkey’, not ‘poultry’ which can suggest a mix of human food chain leftovers.

Scratch only uses premium, Australian specific animal protein from human-grade abattoirs.

Good sources of protein:

Dog Food Meat


Meat and fish meal are highly digestible by the body, allowing dogs bodies to process most of the essential amino acids very efficiently. Look for dog foods like Scratch that use the best protein for dogs from specific sources (kangaroo, beef, turkey, etc.) rather than generic mixes (meat meal, poultry meal).


Eggs are actually the most bio-available of all protein sources, with dogs being able to utilize 100% of their protein. If you’re after the best protein for dogs, including the occasional egg with your dogs diet can give them a little boost.



While vegetables are full of amazing vitamins, many of them also contain some protein. The body can use a little less than half of the protein in most vegetables so it’s less bio-available than meat or eggs.

The best high protein dog food is Scratch

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Mack has allergies

“Mack is a staffy with skin and food allergies, so you can imagine how happy I was to find a dog food with NO chicken listed in the ingredients.

I’m very happy with Scratch, and so is Mack!!”


“My Pugalier is 16 this year. She’d lost a certain amount of spark. Since feasting on Scratch she has seemed to lose years!”

4.9/5 Average Rating from
over 40,000 Aussie dogs

Still have questions? All good. We get it.

Protein and fats are the best energy sources for dogs – not carbs that dominate many dog foods.

Higher-protein diets are suitable for many older dogs (particularly those without kidney problems) and have been shown to maintain strong joint, cartilage and ligament health. Learn more about Scratch and high protein senior dog food.

The higher the amount of protein, the lower the amount of carbohydrates that a food is likely to have. High-carb diets can easily cause obesity as many are full of starches that convert in the body to sugar and then fat, and also raise inflammation which reduces a dogs ability to exercise freely. Not all diet dog food is equal, so carefully inspect the ingredients to see whether weight control is coming from empty calories, or healthy and easily digestible protein.

As with most things in life, it’s all about balance. When a dog has too much protein, excess protein is usually stored as fat, while the body poos and wees out some excess protein.

To add more protein to a dog’s diet, you can either switch to a dog food that is high-protein to begin with, or mix up their diet. Natural body part dog treats can be good, as can sprinkling small amounts of meat or eggs on top of your kibble or raw food.

No. Energy spikes come from an excess of carbohydrates which burn much quicker than fats or proteins and create blood sugar spikes. Protein releases slowly over time, and too much protein is more likely to make your dog thirsty and lethargic.