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We’ll donate $20 for every pet parent that joins the pack

The pet food industry needs fixing and dogs deserve healthier food that we can trust. The more food we’re making, the more power we have to improve the pet food supply chain and change laws around dog food.

So we decided to take the challenge of fixing the industry head-on. Instead of giving $20 to Google or Facebook to get a new customer, we want to give that money to dog rescues & high-impact charities. To do that, we need your help!

We’re excited to introduce our referral system, with a Scratch twist. Instead of offering discounts, we’re offering donations. Every month we’ll announce which shelters dogs your referrals are helping to impact.

If you and your dog have loved Scratch, invite friends to try it:

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Terms & Conditions

Can I refer friends at any time?

Sure can. You’ll now see a ‘Refer a Friend’ link within your subscription account page. You can share your link at any time.

What sort of charities will you be donating to?

Each month, referral donations from that month will go to a different charity or rescue. We tend to skew towards small but high-impact organisations that don’t have awareness and lots of corporate sponsorship dollars. While most of our donations will go to rescue and shelter organisations, we think there are some incredible charities being run that focus on dogs and humans in tough circumstances supporting each other.

How will I know what impact I’ve had?

In January, we will build a count into your dashboard to see how much you’re responsible for donating. Each month we’ll also list on our ethics page to whom we donated, and how much.

What counts as a valid referral?

  • Referrals are counted valid to trigger a donation after successful processing of their second order.
  • Only one referral will be issued per IP address to prevent fraudulent activity
  • Each customer is eligible for a maximum of one donation, matched by email and billing address.
  • Scratch Pet Health Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel the referral program, or an individuals access without notice.

See why most dog food
is full of crap

We don’t send many emails, because, well dog food isn’t that interesting (lets be honest).

But, we will tell you how the pet food industry deliberately confuses us to spend more money on food that often isn’t any healthier.