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Help your customers get healthier dogs

Team up with Scratch and reward your clients with a healthier dog. Then get rewarded for it.

Be a Scratch ambassador and get paid to make dogs healthier.

Our mission is pretty simple. Scratch is about making genuinely good food that nourishes the dogs eating it, supports their long-term health and treats the planet with respect while we’re at it. We’re looking for ambassadors that feel that same way.

By teaming up with Scratch, you’ll earn cash or Scratch credit for every customer you refer to us. You’ll make a dog healthier and feel good about it. Win-win.

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How it works

Flexible dogHead over to our registration form and let us know a little about you, your business and your customer base.

Dog with phoneWe’ll set you up with a unique sign-up link and promo code that gives your customers a discount on their first Scratch order.

Dogs talkingBit by bit, you’ll make Aussie dogs healthier. Then we’ll pay you for every customer you refer. Cha-ching.

Get exclusive features and rewards

Some affiliate programs suck and only really benefit the company. By promoting Scratch, you can bump your revenue streams and earn:

A $40 bonus for each successful referral
That’s an extra $4,800 a year for 10x customers referred a month! Paid in cash for ABN holders or credit for others.

You’ll gain access to:


Exclusive Scratch merch (like t-shirts, bandanas and more)


Dedicated support from our team whenever you need it

Kibble sample

Free Scratch samples for your customers to try and 20% off Scratch for you too.

You’ll feel good because:

You’ll get good stuff by doing good for the dogs of Australia. Simple as that.

🐶 Every referral means a dog eating better, healthier, food.

🇦🇺 You’re supporting an Aussie owned & independent business (bye big dog food 👋).

🌏 And you’ll be teaming up with the first B Corp certified dog food in Australia!

Team up with the Scratch founders

Founder Illo

Mike and Doug are two little guys taking on the big guys.

Mike is ex-fashun and decided he wanted to do something to better the world. Doug is ex-big pet food, but knew he wanted to change it.

So far, not a lot in common. But they both love dogs. And they hate that Australians were getting charged mega bucks for dry dog food that was pretty average.

They decided, they were going to fix it once and for all. From the supply chain right down to how it’s delivered.

Their mission? To offer you a new breed of Australian made dog food. One that’s good for your dog, better for the planet, and easier for you.

Four years into business and the Scratch ethos is getting noticed.

Newspaper Mick

Now it’s time to build our team of like-minded Aussie businesses.

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