Dogs of Scratch: Meet Batman - Scratch

This happy, hungry, muddy gentle giant is more than meets the eye. With a new human baby having just joined the family, we caught up with Batman over a brew and some Scratch beef jerky to discuss family life, eating habits and all things kibble…

First up Batman, what’s it like having a new baby in the family?

Oh mate, I’m not gonna lie, it’s been an adjustment. I thought puppies were a bit of work but human babies are a whole other ballgame. The little tyke is six months old now, so it’s feeling like we’ve all got into a good groove. I’ve kind of stepped into the role of “emotional comfort giver” and organic vacuum cleaner in the family unit. No complaints here.

Organic vacuum cleaner. Uh-oh. Have you traded in your Scratch for something else?

No way. I’ve been on Scratch for over two years and still going strong. But at lunch time I do clean up after the baby eats, making sure no food is left on the floor. Mum keeps trying to get me to stop so I don’t pack on too many kilos but hey, at least no one has to vacuum!

Phew. So you’re still digging your Scratch?

Of course. My favourite flavour is the Roo recipe which has added supplements like collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support. And it’s great for my digestion. We struggled in the past to find a kibble that I would like for more than a couple of days that was also gentle on my tummy. Since I’ve been on Scratch, my farts no longer clear the room and my pipes flow like a river in Paradise.

Thanks for that uh, graphic account of your digestive system, mate. What’s a typical day look like for you?

Early start of 5am to sit with dad while he has his coffee. A quick nap rolls into hugs from mum at 7am. Then it’s off for a walk in the park followed by a hearty breakfast of Scratch. For the rest of the morning I just make sure I’m available and in reach for pats and comfort as needed.

In the arvo, I really take my big brother role seriously. I lead by example taking a nap, making sure the baby follows. We’ll then wake up to wait for dad, making sure he gets the best greetings when he comes home. Then it’s off to the park again to make sure every tree gets a sniff before dinner.

And what’s your biggest quirk?

Hmm I have been told I jump like a goat when I’m really excited. I weigh close to 60kg so it’s quite a sight. Also I find there’s something deeply satisfying about sliding my face in grass and mud when I go to the park.

Last question: who would play you in a movie?

Liam Neeson. He’s Irish like me and just seems like an all round nice bloke to be honest. A rugged old softie.


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