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Lamb Lung Dog Treats

Lamb Crunch Treats

$25 for 250g XL bag

A high-protein, 100% natural snack to keep you on old mate’s good side. Made locally using nothing but delicious Australian lamb, these little rippers are slowly dehydrated sealing in all the good stuff.

Plus, they’re free of preservatives, additives, gluten and added sugars, so you can treat your dog and feel good about it. Just keep the bag sealed as the strong smell will keep them begging for more.

These bite-sized crunch bombs are delivered in a resealable bag of about 80-90 pieces, naturally varying in size but averaging around 3x3cm. Great for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Simply smash and sprinkle over your dog’s food for some extra variety, feed smaller pieces as a regular training reward or keep them busy with up to 2 big pieces per day to chew through. Watch your fingers!

Keep them going through the day, the natural way

Ingredients 100% Lamb
Country of Origin Australia
Protein (Min) 65%
Fat (Min) 6%
ME 360 Kcal

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