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Freeze Dried Roo Dog Treats

Freeze-dried Kangaroo Treats

$17 for 60g

Don’t let the weight fool you – this lightweight snack gets your good boy tons of raw protein.

These high protein, low fat morsels are the coolest snacks in town (literally, they’re freeze-dried). With no moisture, each bag is packed with sustainably sourced Australian kangaroo meat.

Plus, they’re totally free of preservatives, additives, gluten and added sugars. Warning: dogs may become obsessed.

High-density nutrition that's as light as a feather

How does freeze-dried work? A frozen piece of premium roo meat is placed under a vacuum to remove the water content. This allows the ice to change directly from a solid to a vapour without passing through the liquid phase.

Unlike most methods that involve heat, this slow process happens at a very low temperature, keeping all the nutrients in. The result: a 100% natural raw treat that doesn't need to be kept in the fridge or freezer.

Get that raw food boost with grab-and-go convenience.

These exclusive small-batch treats are delivered in a resealable bag of about 15 pieces, with sizes ranging from 1x1x1cm to 5x4x4cm. Great for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Dish out one full piece a day for very good behaviour or break them up into little bliss bombs whenever you're feeling generous.

Ingredients 100% Kangaroo
Country of Origin Australia
Protein (Min) 82%
Fat (Min) 4%
ME 413 Kcal

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