Freeze Dried Barramundi Dog Treats

Freeze-dried Barramundi Treats

$18 for 60g

These exclusive, freeze-dried raw barra bites contain nothing but 100% Australian-sourced barramundi bellies and are the perfect reward treats for when belly rubs just won’t cut it. High in healthy fish oils and loads of protein, the freeze-drying process seals in maximal nutrients and flavour.

And with no nasties, preservatives, or additives, there’s nothing fishy about these delicious, guilt-free snacks (except well, ya know, the barra). Crack these open and get ready for many tail wags.

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Training treats fresh outta the sea

Don’t be fooled by the number of grams on the pack: these bad boys are light but mighty thanks to the freeze-drying process.

How does it work? A frozen piece of premium barramundi is placed under a vacuum to remove the water content. This allows the ice to change directly from a solid to a vapour without passing through the liquid phase.

Unlike most methods that involve heat, this slow process happens at a very low temperature, keeping all the nutrients in. The result: a 100% natural raw treat that doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge or freezer.

Get that raw food boost with grab-and-go convenience.

These exclusive small-batch treats are delivered in a resealable bag of about 70 pieces, each approximately 1cm long.

Great for dogs of all sizes and breeds, scatter a small handful around the garden as an enrichment activity or use them as luxurious training or mini reward treats. (Their tiny size will be particularly welcoming for tiny dog jaws).

Ingredients 100% Barramundi
Country of Origin Australia
Protein (Min) 72%
Fat (Min) 20%
ME 500 Kcal

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