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Kangaroo Tail Dog Treats

Roo Tail Treats

$23 for 3 pack

Unleash your dog’s inner dingo with this heavy duty occupier treat for absolute beasts.

Instinctively addictive to dogs, (and kinda gross to humans), they’ll get a mental and dental boost (and you’ll get a glimpse of their wild side).

Last ages, satisfies instantly.

Roo Tails are a super high value occupier treat, perfect if you need to focus or they need some stimulation. Each piece is massive at about 15cm long. (Like a brick, if a brick were delicious.) So a single treat can last anywhere from 20 minutes to hours or even days!

You get time. They get:

🏁A serious challenge (which they can brag about later at the dog park)
🤤A delicious, healthy taste of the wild side
🧠Mental stimulation (promoting those juicy sweet endorphins)
🪥Dental benefits (for healthy chompers)
🥩A meaty protein hit (for their inner dingo)
💑A new best friend (if only for an hour or so)
🚰Potentially stinky breath / epic farts so make sure they have water close by

Heavy-duty treats for absolute beasts.

Get those gnashers ready ‘coz these long-lasting treats are a workout! Gently air-dried at a low temperature, our Roo Tails are all natural, made from nothing but 100% kangaroo meat, tendons and bone.

By slowly dehydrating them, they retain a heap of their essential nutrients like calcium and protein plus omega-3 fatty acids for that shiny coat and healthy-looking skin.

Plus, they can help keep old mate’s teeth and gums in shape. Gotta love that.

Holding roo tail treats
Ingredients 100% kangaroo tail, some air.
Country of Origin Australia
Protein (Min) 55%
Fat (Min) 5%
ME 311 Kcal/100g

Feeding instructions

For medium to large dogs, they can happily enjoy 1 or 2 pieces a week. But best to steer clear of them entirely for small dogs or puppies (coz they’re basically the size of a chihuahua).


Unlike any of our other treats, these ones do have bones but because they’re air dried and not cooked, they’re able to be devoured entirely. Depending on your dog though, you may wanna remove the boney bit before they swallow it. All wooferinos are different so if in doubt, we recommend checking with your vet to see what’s best for your dog.

There’s always a little extra risk involved when feeding dogs bones, so keep an eye on ‘em the first few times they sink their teeth into one of these.

Dog eating roo tail