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Off The Leash goes to print – Edition #1

There’s only one way to bring people to together with a bipartisan newspaper, and that’s to make one about dogs!

We’re excited to bring our dog website & now forum Off The Leash to print with our very first print run of Off The Leash newspapers.

In it, you’ll find:

  • Dear Dolly Snoop
  • 10 Questions with Dave the Beagle
  • a Dog’s guide to Melbourne
  • Tips to introduce a new pet to the family
  • 8 ways to tell good dog food from the bad
  • Dog horoscopes
  • a Doggy gift guide
  • and more…

dog magazine

The Off The Leash magazine will be included free in all new orders and customer renewals while stocks last, and available at the Dog Lovers Show in Melbourne from May 3 – 5.


Turkey, Lamb & Beef

$69 per box



$79 per box

Large Breed Puppy Kibble
Both Recipes Share:
  • 97% Aussie ingredients
  • The same whole veggies
  • The same extra vitamins & good oils
  • Nutritionally complete
  • Tons of meat
  • For all life stages, from puppies through to silver foxes
  • Great for allergies & intolerances
Dog Food
Kibble size
30% Protein
Large breed puppy friendly!
Multiple animal proteins for diverse nutrients
Larger sized pieces to slow down fast eaters
Kibble size
28% Protein
Not for large breed puppies
Single animal protein - amazing for dogs with allergies or on elimination diets
Sustainably-sourced Kangaroo
More Kangaroo than any other dry food