Scratch Patch: A Dog’s Dreamland

Where dogs can be dogs Doggy paddle tubs. An agility course. Ball pits. A stick library. Everything your woofer could want and more. What are we talking about? Scratch Patch of course. This March, we brought our first ever pop-up dog park to the Edinburgh Gardens in Melbourne, for 3 weeks of tail-wagging playtime. With […]

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Composting dog poop

When you’re picking up after your dog, their single poop probably doesn’t seem like an environmental catastrophe (although, if they’re not on Scratch, maybe it does). But the average dog produces an eye-watering 120 kilos of waste per year. Times that by nine million (the number of dogs in Australia) and you start to get […]

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Great Australian Dog Survey

In May 2020 we conducted the largest survey of Australian dogs. We wanted to see how dogs fit into our culture across states and age groups. And we wanted a laugh. See what we learnt from over 20,000 Aussie dogs.

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Off The Leash goes to print – Edition #1

There’s only one way to bring people to together with a bipartisan newspaper, and that’s to make one about dogs! We’re excited to bring our dog website & now forum Off The Leash to print with our very first print run of Off The Leash newspapers. In it, you’ll find: Dear Dolly Snoop 10 Questions […]

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Melbourne’s top dog-friendly cafe’s this summer

There’s only one thing I enjoy more than the token smashed avo and a latte on a Saturday morning. A delicious brekkie with a tail wagging at my feet at one of Melbourne’s best dog-friendly cafe’s. What makes a good dog-friendly cafe? They do more than just allow dogs. They welcome them! Water bowls, sun […]

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