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Hey, VIC dogs. We have plenty of food for you. More info. 😷 Stay safe folks!

Fresh food still shipping during COVID-19

Update: 10th August 2020

Melbourne Stage 4 & Regional VIC Stage 3 Restrictions
Quick update for you dogs in Victoria: don’t worry, we’ve still got plenty of food and are shipping with no delays at the moment. However, Australia Post is pretty under the pump so if you’re running low on your Scratch you can always head to your account area and bring your next delivery forward a few days just in case.

Give your dog a pat from us and we hope you’re doing okay in lockdown. Stay safe and look after each other.

Hey folks,
We hope you’re doing OK and staying healthy and sane in these crazy times. With most of us on lockdown and relying on our food delivery to keep your dogs healthy, we wanted to update you on how we were going.

Short version – it’s all good for now and we don’t believe that your Scratch deliveries will be impacted by COVID-19 but the world is changing quickly so it’s best to have a little extra.

Do we have enough food for your dog?

When we saw things escalating, we made a lot more food just in case we had to shut down manufacturing at any point, so we have good stock of delicious food for your dog.

Are you accepting new subscribers right now?

Sure are. We have plenty of freshly made food and our delivery is business as usual so food should be with you within 2-4 days of placing your first order.

What if people panic buy or if lots of dogs sign up to Scratch?

We have lots of food, but if we’re unable to make more or if things get tight, we always prioritise subscribers and turn off new customer sign-ups so your dog doesn’t go hungry. Once you’re in, you’re in.

What about delivery?

Like most online businesses, if the spread of the virus is not controlled, our warehouse team gets sick or bans on workplaces are implemented, then our factory, warehouses or Australia Post may be not be able to operate for a period.

We don’t think this will happen as our Scratch food manufacturing and delivery should be classed by the government as an essential service (based on what has already overseas rulings and that most politicians have dogs).

However, as we all know, it’s a crazy world and things are changing quickly so we’ll email all subscribers if that ever changes.

Should I stock up?

Just in case, you may want to bring your next order forward by a few days so you always have at least 21 days of food as a back-up, but having more than that is not recommended at this stage.

As always, please feel free to contact us via email or Live Chat with any questions but above all, please stay in, look after yourselves and give your dogs lots of pats for us.

– Mike, Doug, Izzi, Wendy & Stu

Turkey, Lamb & Beef

$69 per box



$79 per box

Large Breed Puppy Kibble
Both Recipes are:
  • Packed full of whole, Australian vegetables
  • Protein rich with local, sustainably-sourced meat
  • Cooked with four healthy oils for healthy skin & coat
  • Nutritionally (and emotionally) complete
  • Naturally high in fibre to fix gut problems
  • Suitable for all life stages, from puppies through to silver foxes
  • Are great for allergies & intolerances
Dog Food
Kibble size
30% Protein
Large breed puppy friendly!
Multiple animal proteins for diverse nutrients
Kibble size
28% Protein
Not for large breed puppies
Single animal protein - amazing for dogs with allergies or on elimination diets
Sustainably-sourced Kangaroo
Added supplements for joint health (great for older dogs)

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