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Confessions of a dog wipe sceptic

My name’s Gem. I’m the resident copywriter here at Scratch. And I’m here because I’ve got a dark secret that I’ve got to get off my chest. 

I was a dog wipes skeptic. 

If you’re now thinking “hey, that’s not a big deal” then let me stop you right there. My job at Scratch is to write– about dogs, nutrition, the company and the stuff we sell. That includes stuff like dog wipes. And if I’m not convinced about a product myself, what hope do I have in convincing anyone else that it’s worth trying? 

Plus, it’s disingenuous. I don’t like recommending something I wouldn’t use. And one of the best perks of working at Scratch is selling products I really love, believe in and use everyday. 

So, dog wipes: I just wasn’t convinced. I’ve got two dogs, and to put it simply, they’re filthy bloody beasts. Swim in puddles, dig elbow-deep holes in my backyard, roll in (or eat) any various poo they can find. Truly grotty.

So what was a pack of dog wipes gonna do for them? I’ve kept baby wipes at the back door and it took about 12 to clean a foot on any given Winter day. 

But I’ve got an open mind to stuff that makes my life easier. So I grabbed a few packs, took them home and chucked one each at my front & back doors. 

The Test

Wipes get most of a workout here coming home from walks, in from the backyard or at dinner time. The backyard’s the worst, since my dogs spend a fraction of outside time peeing and the rest of it digging for gold. 

Scratch dog wipes

I’ve gotta hand it to Eco Wipes: they’re really durable. They’re thick and grippy and padded, not slimy and slippery like the cheap baby wipes I usually buy. 

On the average day I’ll go through 1 or 2 per dog, on all four feet. And I don’t have to feel like crap if it makes more than that, since Eco Wipes biodegrade quickly. I’ve just been popping them in the bin for now, but I’m going to save my next lot and bury them in the garden to see how long it takes to compost.

I like white sheets and I like cuddling my dogs in the bed. A dangerous combo, but Eco Wipes have made snuggle sessions much less treacherous. 

There’s still the occasional pawprint if I haven’t been thorough enough, but that’s part-and-parcel with having two feral creatures rolling around in my sheets.

Clem being wiped

We also use the wipes on Clementine’s face and chin after eating, since she drools like a champion. It’s reduced the incidences of kibble-slobber smeared on all my pants, though we still have to mop the floor after every meal. 😶

The Verdict 

It took about a week for me to declare myself a Dog Wipes convert. Now that Autumn has kicked into high gear in Melbourne, I’m left wondering how I resisted them for so long. 

Lots of dog wipes

Wipes aren’t magic, of course. On really gross days the dogs’ll still get the hose: especially if Clementine has dug her way to NZ in the 15 minutes I’ve left her out back. But it’s amazing how much cleaner our floors, couches and beds are with just a minute or two of wiping at each door. 

Plus, sometimes I give Story a kiss on the head and he still smells a bit like coconut & cucumber. 

I’m stoked that it’s been such a successful experiment. My dogs are cleaner, my floors are cleaner, and I’ve been given a load of inspiration to write about wipes that I didn’t have before. 

Now, if only Scratch could release something that’d stop my dogs digging 3-feet holes in my garden. That’s a product I’d use.

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