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The goodest pups deserve
the best puppy food

Skip the stores and get your pups food direct from Scratch. Without the retail markup, we designed a business model to put dogs first and make the best puppy food.

Nothing but grain-free goodness for your ball of fluff

Dog Food Meat

More meat

Scratch contains more meat than just about any kibble in Australia. We top off each recipe with whole veggies, healthy oils, and extra vitamins for a resilient gut, shiny coat and tough immune system.


Using better Australian produce

Our co-founder Doug made recipes for the big guys, but grew angry seeing how they saved costs. A filler too far, he set his mind to making the best puppy food – one full of better, whole Australian ingredients from sources he could trust.


From pup through to old gal

Scratch is 100% nutritionally complete for all life stages. Traditional adult dog food is designed for ‘maintenance’. Not cool! Food is medicine in our book and Scratch will help them grow with the best puppy food that prevents problems later in life.

Plus a personalised feeding plan as they grow

We’ll get the low down on your dogs and give each a personalised scoop and feeding plan, even if they’re different breeds or ages. We’re always on live chat and ready for dog photos if you have any questions.

  1. PLENTY of lean, high-quality protein from the best possible Australian meat
  2. ENERGY from animal fats, not carbs.
  3. NO preservatives and no added colours or flavours
  4. NO grains, soy, corn, cellulose and low starches
  5. WHOLE ingredients as much as possible
  6. NOTHING grouped, disguised or hidden
  7. PLENTY of healthy oils with a variety of Omega-3 sources
  8. EVERYTHING your woofer needs not just to sustain them, but to help them thrive
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Dog Food Meat

Real ingredients.

We take the retail markup and invest it in healthier ingredients. One chomp of this high protein Australian kibble and your dog’s old diet will feel like junk food.


Made fresher on subscription.

We use data to know when your dog will be due for more kibble. No more bags of old dog food from 18 months ago. Just the best dog food made fresher for your little mate.

Free Delivery

Delivered to you.

We know when you need it and deliver it straight to your door – for free. Now you can spend your Sunday watching Netflix – not hangin’ in the pet food aisle. We think it’s Australia’s best dog food.

Dog Food
Priceper kg
Grain free
Single animal protein
Transparent labeling
Shows main ingredient %
Australian made & owned
Suitable for puppies
Scratch Grain Free Kangaroo 7.5kg
  • 84% Australian produce
  • Supplemented with Glucosamine & Collagen for joint support
Scratch Grain Free Turkey, Lamb & Beef 7.5kg
  • Only whole ingredients
  • 97% Australian produce
Meals for Mutts Grain Free Kangaroo 14kg
Advance Puppy Plus Growth 8kg
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Some tips in evaluating the best puppy food

Best Puppy Food

Dog food is unregulated. Ask questions of brands

Yep, it’s true. Despite our furry compadres meaning so much to us, dogs are still objects in the law and their food is complely unregulated. Scratch is the only brand to reveal every % of every ingredient, and get to know your dog from day 1.

Food can contain as little as 5% of the meat advertised

Crazy, huh. Store-bought foods are members of the PFIAA (code for pet food industry of Australia). Being a member gives the green light to promote a meat in the name, but to have as little as 5% of it in the recipe. A little dodgy we think!

Avoid anything showing ‘and/or’

Recipes change all the time without anyone being the wiser. Look out for ingredient lists that say vague things like ‘may contain’, or ‘and/or’ that suggests brands switching to whatever ingredients are cheaper at the time. Scratch uses the exact same ingredients everytime so you know what’s really in your puppies food.

Make sure everything is weighed evenly

Ever wonder how some foods promote over 60% meat? They’re sneaky buggers dog food companies. In kibble, all food is dehydrated before food is made. Sneaky brands compare meat when fresh (and weighing more) to vegetables when dehydrated (and light) to make the meat content seem more than what it really is.

Turkey, Lamb & Beef

$69 per box



$79 per box

Large Breed Puppy Kibble
Both Recipes are:
  • Packed full of whole, Australian vegetables
  • Protein rich with local, sustainably-sourced meat
  • Cooked with four healthy oils for healthy skin & coat
  • Nutritionally (and emotionally) complete
  • Naturally high in fibre to fix gut problems
  • Suitable for all life stages, from puppies through to silver foxes
  • Are great for allergies & intolerances
Dog Food
Kibble size
30% Protein
Large breed puppy friendly!
Multiple animal proteins for diverse nutrients
Larger sized pieces to slow down fast eaters
Kibble size
28% Protein
Not for large breed puppies
Single animal protein - amazing for dogs with allergies or on elimination diets
Sustainably-sourced Kangaroo
Added supplements for joint health (great for older dogs)

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