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Lump of Coal

1 for $16 – 3 for $25

For dogs who just can’t behave. Our free range, vegan lumps of coal are a first in Christmas-time technology.

Designed with naughty dogs in mind, these problematic lumps are as dirty as your white couch after an encounter with old mate’s muddy paws.

Lump of Coal
Dog food box

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Santa x Scratch

In this world-first collab, we’ve teamed up with Santa to divert tonnes of coal away from power plants Australia-wide, delivering them to mutts as reckless as the government’s continued support of fossil fuels. In a true circular economy moment, your bad boy just won’t be able to resist the canine urge to dig up your backyard and return to this coal to the ground. Now the only question left is… how can we get good dogs and great food to power renewable energy options? If you have any ideas, reach out (seriously do, it’s our dream).

Naughty dog

Our lumps of coal are:

🏭100% non-renewable
☀️Guaranteed to make every season hot, hot, HOT!
💥Combustible. Boom!
🤗 Adored by many. (They’ll never phase me out!)
🪨Made from carbon, carbon, and a little bit more carbon
🚂 MVP of the Industrial Revolution
💚 Burn me and I’ll emit a crap tonne of carbon dioxide
🌏Like a breath of hot air

Dog Treat Pouch

Treat Pouch


The water-resistant, wearable solution to nailing your daily adventures.

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Puppy training treat

Peanut Butter Training Treats

$13 for 150g bag

All natural and human grade, these peanut butter bites makes training a breeze.

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Dog Treat Container

Best Behaviour Container

$16. Buy three for $40 (save $8)

The new way to discreetly keep treats around the home. Airtight and stylish enough to keep around your kitchen, home office or lounge so treats are always at hand for quick rewarding (or bribery).

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Spoil your best mate this Christmas (even if they’ve been naughty)

Spend $50 on treats or accessories and score a FREE Christmas box to stash their goodies in under the tree.

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*Special offer: if you spend $50 or more on Scratch treats or accessories between now and the 19th December 2023, you’ll get a free limited edition Christmas box to pop under the tree. Fill it up with your dog’s fave treats and see them go wild on Chrissy morning. It’ll be automatically included in your order once you’ve added 50 bucks worth of extras to the cart. Note: $50 applies to extras only and doesn’t include food subscriptions – that’s just Christmas lunch.