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  • Good Grub Tub Good Grub Tub Best Seller

    Good Grub Tub

    Fits 4kg of Scratch More info.

    Our first ever kibble container — stylishly-designed to keep your dog’s food as fresh as the day it was born.

    $39 - Add to cart
  • Ceramic Dog Bowl Ceramic Dog Bowl $39 Save $14

    Ceramic Dog Bowl

    700ml capacity More info.

    Sophisticated bowl that houses as many food-filled memories as it does scoops of Scratch (up to 5 for the record per meal).

    $25 - Add to cart
  • Slow Feeding Bowl Slow Feeding Bowl

    Slow Feeding Bowl

    Got a champion speed-eater on your hands? Slow ‘em down at dinner time with a scoffer-resistant slow feeder bowl, exclusive to Scratch.

    Great for
    Digestion & preventing choking
    $25 - Add to cart
  • Feeding Mat Sold Out

    Feeding Mat

    Non-slip, BPA free and the ideal foundation for a delicious and nutritious mealtime.

  • Gummi x Scratch Feeding Bundle Save $15Sold Out

    Gummi x Scratch Feeding Bundle

    Give your bundle of fluff the ultimate feeding experience with our entire Gummi x Scratch accessories range.

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