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Ethical Pet Food

Ethics: someone’s gotta have them

We can’t fix Australian politics, but we can fix dog food.

From the supply chain right down to your front door, we’re shaking up the dog food industry one decision at a time to make a product we all feel good about.

It’s 2022. You and your partner just bought a dog and a space ship.

You see the vet, you know what the little guy or gal needs. Then you head online. You can weigh up what’s for them, what’s in it, and what impact it has on the planet.

Sounds simple, but right now it’s anything but.

So, that’s our vision: a range of dog food where you know what’s inside it, where it’s come from and at a price you can afford – even if you live outside of Bondi.

One Percent for the Planet

We donate 1% of revenue to high-impact 
environmental initiatives.

We’re really excited to be members of 1% For the Planet, a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet.

We chose to start with 1% For The Planet because:

  • It’s completely transparent with third party certification
  • At least 1% of all REVENUE (not profit) must be donated. That means no-one can limit donations at the end of the year through bonuses and big salaries
  • They research the effectiveness of charities and only approve ones with minimal overheads and high impact
  • We get to choose which charities to donate too, so we can learn what you’re most passionate about and together make an impact

Gotta question? Let’s hear it.