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  • Best Behaviour Container Best Behaviour Container

    Best Behaviour Container

    Airtight and stylish enough to keep around your kitchen, home office or lounge so treats are always at hand for quick rewarding (or bribery).

    Great for
    Never missing a training moment around the home.
    $16 - Add to cart
  • Good Grub Tub Good Grub Tub Best Seller

    Good Grub Tub

    Fits 4kg of Scratch More info.

    Our first ever kibble container — stylishly-designed to keep your dog’s food as fresh as the day it was born.

    $39 - Add to cart
  • Treat Pouch Treat Pouch New

    Treat Pouch

    Holster up and head out with this water-resistant, durable gem. Just snap it onto your pocket, leash or belt-loop with the sturdy brass carabiner and start your adventure.

    Great for
    Puppy leash training
    $49 - Add to cart
  • Ceramic Dog Bowl Ceramic Dog Bowl $39 Save $14

    Ceramic Dog Bowl

    700ml capacity More info.

    Sophisticated bowl that houses as many food-filled memories as it does scoops of Scratch (up to 5 for the record per meal).

    $25 - Add to cart
  • Clean Dog Pack $43 Save $5

    Clean Dog Pack

    Keep your pup and the planet clean with long-lasting packs of Eco Dog Wipes and Poo Bags.

    $38 - Add to cart
  • Eco Poop Bags Eco Poop Bags

    Eco Poop Bags

    240 pack. More info.

    Fifteen biodegradable & compostable poop bag rolls to scoop up those grade A Scratch nuggets! Bag responsibly.

    Lasts for
    6 months for 1 dog
    $29 - Add to cart
  • Eco Dog Wipes Eco Dog Wipes

    Eco Dog Wipes

    80 pack. More info.

    Freshen up your pup without the drama of a bath. Pop some at the front door and in the car to let your dog run amok without trashing your nice stuff (or the planet).

    Great for
    Cleaning muddy paws, slobbery chops and a clean tum & bum.
    $14 - Add to cart
  • Slow Feeding Bowl Slow Feeding Bowl

    Slow Feeding Bowl

    Got a champion speed-eater on your hands? Slow ‘em down at dinner time with a scoffer-resistant slow feeder bowl, exclusive to Scratch.

    Great for
    Digestion & preventing choking
    $25 - Add to cart
  • Feeding Mat Sold Out

    Feeding Mat

    Non-slip, BPA free and the ideal foundation for a delicious and nutritious mealtime.

  • Gummi x Scratch Feeding Bundle Save $15Sold Out

    Gummi x Scratch Feeding Bundle

    Give your bundle of fluff the ultimate feeding experience with our entire Gummi x Scratch accessories range.

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