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Your shipping is now carbon neutral

We’ve long thought about the effect ecommerce has on the planet. Over the past six months, we’ve been working on an action plan to further reduce the environmental impact of us doing business. Today, that starts with reducing our carbon footprint from shipping. “On one hand, online shopping reduces the number of individual trips we […]

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Composting dog poop

When you’re picking up after your dog, their single poop probably doesn’t seem like an environmental catastrophe (although, if they’re not on Scratch, maybe it does). But the average dog produces an eye-watering 120 kilos of waste per year. Times that by nine million (the number of dogs in Australia) and you start to get […]

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Our brand new packaging

Since day one, our mission has been to deliver dog food that’s fresher than what you’d get at the shops. So, guess what we’ve gone and done now… We’ve made it even fresher! Why? Well, a while back we asked what you do with your Scratch packaging. We got over 1000 responses (woah, thanks guys) […]

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Great Australian Dog Survey

In May 2020 we conducted the largest survey of Australian dogs. We wanted to see how dogs fit into our culture across states and age groups. And we wanted a laugh. See what we learnt from over 20,000 Aussie dogs.

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Scratch x Found My Animal

If your dog has to be on leash—they may as well look sexy. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Brooklyn’s Found My Animal, crafting beautiful artisan pet products with a meaningful purpose and message. Long-admired by the Scratch team, we’re big fans of their ultra-durable marine-grade rope (inspired by a fisherman in the family) and […]

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Fresh food still shipping during COVID-19

Update: 31st August 2020 Melbourne Stage 4 & Regional VIC Stage 3 RestrictionsQuick update for you dogs in Victoria: don’t worry, we’ve still got plenty of food and are shipping with no delays at the moment. Australia Post has really been struggling to keep up so we’re currently shipping most Victorian orders with a courier. […]

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Chase some tail this Valentines Day

Last year we used Valentine’s Day as an excuse to throw drinks and get to meet our early Melbourne community. The sun was out, beers were drunk, butts were sniffed (by other dogs. Get your head out of the gutter!). So we’re doing it all again. Single or not, come down with a friend and […]

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Welcome Mick (and Harper) Fanning!

Here’s a few words we never imagined we’d be saying – Mick Fanning invests in Scratch! Actually, stuff it. We did imagine it. From day one. We set out to earn Australia’s trust, not through big marketing budgets and ads, but through good old fashioned customer service and a product that turned dogs health around. […]

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Understanding the Invisible Economics of Pet Food

In recent years, pet food has undergone a revolution. Didn’t notice? Of course you didn’t, because you’re a regular person who doesn’t think about kibble 24/7. But while you were going about your daily life, some pretty positive changes have been made around the food available for your best mate. Let’s back up: Historically, people […]

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